• John McCain Promises a Barack Obama Scandal in Every Pot

    So let's recap: New polls show Barack Obama has widened his leads in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Voters are blaming House Republicans for the failure of the bailout legislation on Monday, and no one is able to explain how — or if — John McCain made a difference in the bill negotiations.

    Now GOP strategists are urging McCain to turn things around by outlining a clear plan for the economy, reassuring a shaken nation with some dignified words of wisdom and taking the media's questions head-on, like the straight talker he is.

    Ha ha! Just kidding. Hey, did you hear that Barack Obama's best friend is a radical hippie terrorist?

    GOP officials also believe that a sustained attack on Obama's ties to his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, scandal-stained businessman Tony Rezko and former radical war protester William Ayers could sway undecided voters…

    "We're not talking, for instance, about the radical associations that Barack Obama has, with Mr. Ayers, Tony Rezko and so on," [Tennessee GOP Chairman Robin] Smith said. "More could be done."

    Murray Clark, the chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, said he is eager for Obama's "troubling relationships" to be aired in his state. "I think those things will come up in Indiana again and they do have an impact on mainstream voters in Indiana. You call it going negative, [but] whoever … is in a position to point out these relationships, I think it's helpful."

    Yes, Murray, it certainly is helpful. I'm sure that pointing out these "troubling relationships" will make a big difference for those undecided voters who are worried about things like gas prices, unemployment, the Iraq war and this econopocalypse we seem to still be having.

    Besides, pointing out "troubling relationships" is fun! Like the time everybody pointed out McCain campaign manager Rick Davis's handouts from Freddie Mac. Very troubling!

    Oh, was that not what you meant?

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