• Scofflaw Homeless People Flagrantly Vote in Ohio

    Actual Homeless PersonHow dare they?!

    The Wall Street Journal reports that early voting began yesterday in Ohio, and a lot of the people who took advantage of the opportunity were blatantly disregarding their role in society: being homeless.

    I say this is ridiculous. The legislature of Ohio has worked long and hard to make it nearly impossible for people without a permanent address to vote, and here are these scoundrels undoing that progress.

    Advocates for the homeless in Ohio took advantage of the early-voting process to take shelter residents to polls. Many residents lack a driver's license or other identification that would be required on Election Day, but early voting requires voters to list only their state ID number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

    Gregory Whatley, a 38-year-old resident at a transitional-housing shelter here, cast his first-ever vote for president Tuesday, hoping things will improve in his life if Sen. Obama is elected.

    "Republicans have been in office for eight years now, and things have not been good for the poor," Mr. Whatley said. "When the Clintons were in office prior, things were good. If we can get the Democrats back in office, things can become good again."

    Did you hear that? Not only are these wretched people daring to vote, they are doing so for Barack Obama! There's only one word for this kind of behavior…


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