• Eh, Canada: Stephen Harper's Speechwriter Abused Copy-Paste Privileges

    (I'm unsuspending coverage of Canada's federal elections today, but maybe later this week I'll un-unsuspend it, depending on the actions of Congress and also my horoscope.)

    Remember when you were in grade school and that kid got caught copying someone else's homework? That's exactly what happened in Canada this week — just substitute international politics for "grade school," a Conservative speechwriter for "that kid" and a speech about Iraq for "homework"…

    Stephen Harper's 2003 speech urging Canada to join the U.S. assault on Iraq was plagiarized from one given by the Australian prime minister two days previously, and the man who wrote it resigned Tuesday as a researcher for the Conservative election campaign…

    "Pressed for time, I was overzealous in copying segments of another world leader's speech," [speechwriting scoundrel Owen] Lippert said in a statement issued by the Conservative Party, five hours after the Tories accused the Liberals of "desperation" and "gotcha journalism" in revealing the plagiarism.

    Good lord, the Tories can't even react to accusations of plagiarism without plagiarizing John McCain!

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