• Most Underrated Vice-Presidents: Dan Quayle

    In honor of misunderestimations flying rampantly around tonight's vice-presidential debate, we asked Geoff Wolinetz, Nick Jezarian and Josh Abraham — editors of the hilariously funny Yankee Pot Roast and authors of Underrated: The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesomely Underappreciated Stuff — to count down some of the most underrated veeps, which we'll be featuring as the world spends the next few days trying to make sense of the Palin/Biden debate.

    Poor ol' James Danforth Quayle (44th Vice President, 1989-1993).

    Sure, he's no Jack Kennedy, and, frankly, he wasn't much of a vice-president.

    His biggest political fight was an attack on Murphy Brown — which he lost. But he is, technically, underrated because he took a whole lot of crap from the media for being a moron, and, upon his exit from the political stage, it looked like his only legacy was that of being the hands-down stupidest person ever to be elected to office.

    But… uh… in hindsight… the depths of electable stupidity can be plumbed much, much lower. So what, he misspelled "potato" and completely bungled-slash-proved the concept of a mind being a terrible thing to waste. Those are actually kind of insignificant. You cannot misspell your way into war, recession, global warming, and worldwide contempt.

    And, hey, even though Quayle thought Mars was about as far from the sun as earth, at least he was a moron who believed in science.

    And as far as Veeps go, which is worse: innocent stupidity or willful malfeasance?

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