• Weekend Movie Guide: "An American Carol" and "Religulous"

    Between tomorrow and Tuesday, America must endure four consecutive days without a televised executive branch debate. But before you desperately resort to reading or exercise to pass the hours, why not take in a movie at your local cineplex?

    The right-wing readership of this blog (assuming he logs in today), might want to patronize "An American Carol," the new pro-war right-wing comedy from one of the guys who brought you The Naked Gun.

    "An American Carol" features almost every prominent conservative in Hollywood, including…

    * Chris Farley’s thinner, less funny younger brother.

    * Gary Coleman as a slave.

    * Kelsey Grammar being dickish for a change.

    * Dennis Hopper confusing everyone who saw him in "Easy Rider."

    * Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly as himself!!

    The film's main goal is to denigrate Michael Moore (totally redundant if you've ever seen "Canadian Bacon"), and to advocate war as a fine solution to life’s problems.

    Those who are of the Moore persuasion themselves should skip "An American Carol" and instead see "Religulous," a new documentary from Bill Maher and Larry Charles that critically profiles world religious beliefs, from Christianity to Judaism to Mormonism to Scientology.

    No word as of press time what "Religulous" has to say about creationist, tongue-speaking, "witchcraft-free" Holy War crusaders who want to "pray away the gay," which is all the more reason you should be watching the VP debate tonight.

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