• Most Underrated Vice-Presidents: George Clinton

    No, this George Clinton (4th Vice President, 1805-1812) did not descend in funkadelic fashion upon the White House. However, this George Clinton did pack some funk of his own.

    He's one of only two men to date so good at being sidekicks that they served under two presidents: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. George Clinton was Robert Horry before the real Big Shot Rob was knocking down threes as the Sixth Man on seven NBA championship teams.

    G.C. practically invented patriotism: When the Founding Fathers were ratifying the Constitution, Clinton said, "Yes, yes, this document of governance is fine and dandy for managing these united states, but how about a motherfucking bill guaranteeing my motherfucking rights as a citizen? Eh?"

    Yup, he would not sign his Hancock until the Bill of Rights was added to it. And then, this cool cat says, "What's with all the high taxes we're paying?" To keep taxes down, he seized and sold and sold the property of British loyalists. Fucking Tory motherfuckers.

    That same Bill of Rights has helped pave the way for our pursuit of funk so deep we could cave the roof in.

    Thanks, George!

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