• Walgreens Pulls Political Figure Dolls, Plans for Caribou Barbie Palin Doll Scrapped

    Walgreens is pulling its battery-operated animatronic political figure dolls after some of their customers took exception to what the dolls said or did…

    The 13.5-inch(34.3-centimeter)-tall dolls moved as they sang parodies and recited messages that were not approved by the presidential candidates.

    The Clinton figure referred to itself as a "broad" in one song parody. The Obama doll was sold in a box that proclaimed, "The senator from Illinois gets down and funky!"

    I guess I could see how that's offensive. I mean, it's not as as bad as the Sarah Palin doll that says something meaningless if you pull her string once, and something folksy and moronic if you pull her string twice, but I see their point.

    Silly me. I had assumed Walgreens pulled the dolls after customers complained that the broken John McCain figure couldn't raise it's arms over its head.

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