• From the Writers of The Daily Show: Palin Reading Room

    Overheard in the Writers Room: In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Governor Sarah Palin claimed to read "any and all magazines". But here's a list of exceptions, along with why she doesn't read them:

    * Washington Post: "Too 'inside the beltway'."

    * Wall Street Journal: "Maybe if it was 'Main Street Journal'."

    * Superfluous Bridges Quarterly: "Thanks but no thanks!"

    * The Economist: "No one would believe me."

    * The Paris Review: "I haven't really read it since Plimpton passed away."

    * Architectural Digest: "I'm just not that hungry."

    * Wine Spectator: "Too passive. I'm more of a wine reformer."

    * Sports Illustrated: "That's a lie. There are no drawings in there."

    * Fortune: "Too elitist."

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