• Supreme Court Picks Loom Large

    According to the mainstream media elite, the McCain campaign will increasingly try to raise the issue of judicial nominations in the last thirty days of the election.

    The strategy is based on reminding swing voters about the hot-button issues that often end up in the hands of judges: abortion, gay rights, flag-burning, etc.

    This issue is crucial, because as many as three current Supreme Court justices are considered likely to retire in the next four years. The next president will most likely have an opportunity to shape the makeup of the Court for years to come.

    Here are some potential picks for each candidate…


    * Justice Janet Rogers Brown: George W. Bush managed to appoint Brown to the United States Court of Appeals despite significant Democratic opposition. McCain may try to elevate her to the Supreme Court.

    * Sen. Fred Thompson: McCain owes him a favor, and besides, he must have picked up something from Law & Order.

    * White House Gardener Mitch Henderson: A confused and disoriented McCain may appoint the first person he sees.


    * Sen. Hillary Clinton: Picking Clinton will reward her hard-fought primary battle with a coveted appointment, as well as isolate her from electoral politics forevermore.

    * Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: Re-selecting Stevens will place a solid liberal on the court, while at the same time playing a hilarious joke on the 88-year-old justice, who desperately wants to retire.

    * Judge Joe Brown: Obama is expected to try to diversify the Court, and the popularity of Brown's daytime TV show among members of Congress would ensure a swift Senate confirmation.

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