• Sarah Palin Blames The New York Times for Bringing Up William Ayers to About with Americans Such as Terrorist!

    Here's a clip of Sarah Palin on a Florida television station, maverickly addressing accusations that she and John McCain have dragged this campaign into the mud by harping on Barack Obama's tenuous connection to sixties radical William Ayers.

    This is what Sarah Palin actually said in response to the reporter's question (faithfully transcribed, with desperate stabs at punctuation, all [sic]s implied)…

    "Well, Ayers of course was brought up by the New York Times the other day, and I was responding to the news of the day that bein' Bill Ayers having been of course the known domestic terrorist and Barack Obama kickin' off his political career with some at least an event in the guy's living room? That's something that I think Americans would want to discuss, but the New York Times brought that up and in response to that speakin' with Americans about it because it's important for Americans to understand in this election the choices that they have in regards to judgment, and the association with Bill Ayers should make Americans question some of that."

    And this is what Sarah Palin wanted to say…

    "What that guy said."

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