• Jerome Corsi Deported Out of Kenya on a Swiftboat

    Right-wing hack writer Jerome Corsi has finally found a place where he's even more unwelcome than in the Kerry family living room

    The nation of Kenya

    Jerome Corsi, author of "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," was picked up by Kenyan authorities shortly before he planned to hold a news conference to promote his book, which has widely been denounced in the U.S. for repeating discredited rumors about the Democratic presidential nominee's background and upbringing.

    Corsi later boarded a plane leaving the country, Kenyan police and his publicist said, amid questions about whether he went voluntarily or under duress.

    Corsi, who when not writing reactionary political screed, spends his time blabbing on white supremacist radio, became douchebaga non grata in Kenya when he claimed that Barack Obama donated $1 million to the campaign of current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Both Obama and Odinga vehemently deny this.

    No word yet on where Corsi's swiftboat will touch down after leaving Kenya. For his sake, it had better not be a place full of Muslims, Catholics or 9/11 survivors.

    Because what he said about them merits more than mere deportation.

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