• Eh, Canada: Bow Down Before Bobblehead Steve

    America, we have been defeated in our quest to out-stupid the world. Canada wins. Canada wins handily, with this latest campaign from its national tourism council.

    Meet Bobblehead Steve. As in Stephen Harper. As in the prime minister who's presiding over a recession and a bitterly-contested federal election that's taking place next week. If your car hasn't been repossessed yet, you can stick ol' Stevie on its dashboard

    While Stephen Harper is campaigning as the champion of prudence in tough times, his government is merrily blowing a bundle on Bobblehead Steve.

    The doll with a spring-loaded head and PM's first name is the star of an expensive new federal marketing campaign to attract U.S. convention business to the true north.

    The Canadian Tourism Commission's magnetic-sticking Steve is perfect for your dashboard and comes complete with a glossy 25-page booklet, and a custom-designed website that couldn't have cost more than a federal election.

    Please, I beg you, click this link to see Bobblehead Steve's website.

    Steve is your "Canadian go-to guy"! He's going to wheel that room service cart right down the hall for you! Oh, and be sure to check out Steve's insider info. Steve wants you to join him as he wanders around his country, getting wasted on Caesars and caribou.

    Congratulations, Canada. Turning your top official into a bobblehead in the midst of an election was a real stroke of genius.

    Here in America, of course, we did it the other way around. We nominated a bobblehead for vice president on the Republican ticket.

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