• John McCain's Negative Attack Campaign Against Self Working Brilliantly

    Ever since the economy tanked and John McCain was unable to soothe it back to life with his vigorous PR stunts, he's been loathe to even talk about it. Especially when there were so many more pressing issues, like some guy who threw bombs at government building 40 years ago and a black preacher who didn't always say nice things about America. You know, important stuff.

    If history teaches us anything, it's that negative attacks against a political opponent always work, 100% of the time, without fail, except for when they don't.

    According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, the McCain campaign's shit-slinging attacks against Barack Obama and his gay lovers Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright may have actually hurt McCain more than Obama. It appears that…

    …Obama is pulling away from McCain, establishing a 10-point lead in the race for the White House by a commanding 53 percent to 43 percent.

    McCain had tried to overcome sliding poll numbers by aggressively attacking the Illinois senator, but the Washington Post/ABC News poll indicates that the pit-bull style may have worked against McCain and Palin.

    It found that 59 percent accused McCain of negative campaigning, while 35 percent said McCain is addressing the issues.

    That is so not fair. Here's John McCain, going to all the trouble of demolishing the reputation for being a respectable politician he's spent decades cultivating, and the electorate doesn't even appreciate his efforts.

    Who truly is the one lacking honor, John McCain or America?

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