• Barack Obama Attacked by C.H.U.D. After Debate

    Here's a photo taken only moments before Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was attacked and devoured by a shrivelled, pasty-skinned Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller — more commonly known as a C.H.U.D. — shortly after completing his final debate with Republican nominee Sen. John McCain…

    There are no reports on the whereabouts of McCain, and we can only assume that he had previously been carried away to some underground lair and used to host a sack of eggs.

    Our hearts go out to the familes of both men.

    Update: Whoops! Looks like we jumped the gun on that whole C.H.U.D. story. Turns out the underground creature pictured above is John McCain. Sorry. This is really embarrassing.

    Apparently, this is in fact a photograph of the senator making out with his newest imaginary friend, Joe the Plumber.

    I apologize for the confusion.

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