• Dan Quayle Rears His Head Over the Airspace of Sarah Palin

    If there's one person that Sarah Palin and John McCain wanted out of the political discourse, it was Dan Quayle. Any mention of the bumbling, light-weight former vice president was a painful reminder of Palin's numerous gaffes and shortcomings on the campaign trail.

    Well, guess who showed up yesterday? Dan Quayle!

    The former vice president said Wednesday that he's spoken with Palin since Sen. John McCain chose her for the GOP ticket in late August.

    "I basically said, 'Look, just be yourself. You were selected by John McCain because of who you are and what you have done, and don't let them take anything away from you. Just go out and be yourself,"' he said.

    Quayle said he sees several parallels between the 1988 campaign and this year's race: Neither he nor the Alaska governor were well known before being put on the national ticket. Both were criticized for not having enough experience for the job.

    Yikes. So even Quayle, the national laughingstock himself, is drawing the comparison with Palin. And they've discussed this in person!

    Maybe Quayle is injecting his tainted name into the race at this point as revenge against McCain, who clearly stole the name of his 2002 memoir ("Worth the Fighting For") from Quayle's 1999 literary masterpiece ("Worth Fighting For").

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