• Illinois Congressman's Son Can't Stay Out of Prison, Prisoners

    Kids. It's amazing to watch them grow up and develop into unique, strong individuals, making their parents proud in so many ways.

    Take the case of Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL). His eldest son, Jeffrey, made his old man proud as punch by choosing a life of public service. He went for a more humble road than politics, opting instead to become a corrections officer in the Illinois prisons. What a selfless young man, serving the people in that way.

    Too bad he had to ruin it all by having sex with inmates

    A son of U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush pleaded guilty Wednesday to having sexual encounters with female inmates at the Illinois Department of Corrections facility in Aurora.

    Jeffrey M. Rush, who headed security at the facility, was sentenced to 180 days at Kane County jail and three years' probation.

    "Mr. Rush engaged in a pattern of conduct abusing his position of trust with the Illinois Department of Corrections for his own sexual gratification. This sentence sends a clear message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated," said Kane County Assistant State's Attorney Justin Fitzsimmons, who prosecuted the case.

    Sorry about that, Dad! Gee, this is a lot like that time when I borrowed your binoculars without your permission, huh? Well I won't do it again, I promise!

    (Insert your own joke here about the now-incarcerated Rush repaying the favor to his new guards.)

    Update (from Dennis): From the comments:

    "That is a picture of actor Geoffrey Rush. Your image search skills need some work." – Todd

    Thanks, Todd. Actually, I'm the one who added that pic to Ethan's post. And, just so you know, my image search skills are fine. Maybe even above average. (We all have our gifts.)

    It's my sense of humor that maybe needs some work.

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