• John McCain Calls Hillary Clinton at 7 p.m. (Old People's Version of 3 a.m.)

    Regarding last night's debate, everyone's talking about good ol' Joe the plumber. He's like the fictional Joe Six-Pack, in that both can't vote. (Although I'm sure ACORN has a few dozen Joe Six-Packs registered.)

    But let's not forget McCain's invocation of that other hard-working American who struggled so hard to reach the top only to be denied by Obama…

    "On Sept. 24, Hillary Rodham Clinton received a surprise phone call from the man she’s often denounced as an economic know-nothing: John McCain.

    The GOP nominee… wanted to pick the senator's brain about her new proposal to have the federal government buy up bad mortgages and renegotiate terms more favorable to homeowners on verge of default…

    Clinton responded coolly. "She didn't engage him, she just said, 'Thank you' and heard him out.'"

    Hillary Clinton, true to her campaign promises, is really good at answering phones. I can only imagine the awkwardness of that conversation.

    McCain: Hello, my friend, can I steal your economic plan, use it against your party and then credit you as my source in order to establish myself as a maverick?

    Clinton: Ummm… No.

    McCain: Pleeeeeeeeeeeaase!

    Clinton: Fine, whatever. Just stop crying.

    And that was still better written than the last season of The West Wing.

    Three weeks later, as well as in last night's debate, McCain was flaunting his plan's similarities to Clinton's, because nothing gets his base more excited than a woman in business casual attire.

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