• John McCain: Unholy Death Thing or Orc of Mordor?

    So, if you live within 70 yards of the internet, you've probably already seen the comely new picture of John McCain from last night's debate.

    And if you haven't, go here. You won't be disappointed.

    Once we saw it, we could barely contain our Photoshop reflex. In fact, we were already half way through these images before we even realized what was happening.

    Since there was no way we could justify keeping a visceral kind of Photoshop euphoria like this to ourselves, it just seemed natural to pass the savings onto you.

    So, here's a nice huge image of the good Arizona senator for you to work with. You shouldn't have a problem isolating him from that practically solid blue background.

    When you're finished, upload it to wherever people who don't work for this website upload their images and then drop us a link in the comments below. Then, place your heads on your desk and sit quietly while everyone else finishes their work.

    And, believe you me, we'll make sure people see your adorable creations.

    Update: We just set up a Flicker page for you to drop your images into. Enjoy.

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