• Is a Sixty-Vote Democratic Senate Majority Possible?

    Political pundits are buzzing about the possibility of a Democratic 60-vote supermajority in the Senate — one that could override a Republican filibuster. Is such a thing possible? It depends on a lot of factors, the first being the election. Beyond that, there is always the possibility of…

    * Senators dying in office.

    * Senators being raptured while in office.

    * Joe Lieberman defecting to the Republican Party.

    * Joe Lieberman and John McCain defecting to Europe, where they can gay marry.

    To illustrate the Democrats' chances, here is a chart breaking down the eleven most vulnerable Republican seats in the Senate:

    State Republican Democrat Prediction
    Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens Mayor Mark Begich Stevens is headed for jail; Begich is headed for the Senate.  Democratic Pickup.
    Colorado Rep. Bob Schaffer Rep. Mark Udall Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family is praying for a Schaffer victory.  But God has been tuning them out since the DNC.  Democratic Pickup.
    Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss Former State Rep. Jim Martin Chambliss campaigns best when linking triple-amputee war heroes to Osama bin Laden. Lucky for him, most Georgians vote straight party ticket. Republican Hold.
    Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell Businessman Bruce Lunsford McConnell looks like one of the horses that Lunsford abuses. The Republican wing of PETA will reelect him.  Republican Hold.
    Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman Comedian Al Franken Franken's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it… people are going to elect him! Democratic Pickup.
    Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker Former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove The polls are close, and Musgrove has an excellent Southern name, but damned if Mississippi gon' vote for no Democrat.  Republican Hold.
    New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen Pity the spouse of the winner.  Recent tradition suggests he/she will be kidnapped.  Democratic Pickup.
    New Mexico State Rep. Steve Pearce Rep. Tom Udall Udall can count on voters confusing him for his better looking cousin Mark, from over the border in Colorado.  Democratic Pickup.
    North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole State Sen. Kay Hagan Dole spent just two weeks of 2006 in North Carolina.  In 2009 she can bypass the state and head straight to Florida… as a retiree. Democratic Pickup.
    Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith State Rep. Jeff Merkley Smith's last-ditch attempt at survival has been to paint himself as a liberal, but he missed the memo: Real Americans hate liberals.  Democratic Pickup.
    Virginia Gov. Mark Warner Gov. Jim Gilmore Gilmore seems to be unaware that he is even in the race. Democratic Pickup.

    Predicted tally: Eight Democratic pickups — enough to get them to 59 votes. The Georgia and Mississippi seats are still very much in play (and to a lesser extent, Kentucky), but all told, it's doubtful.

    Of course majorities and filibusters won't matter when Vice President Palin rules unilaterally as Queen of the Senate, but it's always fun to speculate.

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