• Barack Obama's Mean Hometown Paper Calls Trig Palin a Fatty

    In light of the ongoing flap about her wardrobe, Sarah Palin sat down for an exclusive interview with the Chicago Tribune to set the record straight-ish: Oh dear no we're really frugal, it's a double standard, we're donating the clothes to charity, gosh darn it, America, priorities, such as too which.

    But of course the Chicago Tribune — conveniently located in Chicago, home of gym rat Barack Obama and the svelte terrorists with whom he pals — seized the opportunity to take a cheap shot at the youngest, second-most helpless Palin.

    Seems little Trig has been porking it up on the trail, and his figure just isn't what it used to be, har har…

    Palin on Thursday granted one of her first newspaper interviews since becoming McCain's vice presidential nominee. She was joined by her husband, Todd, who cradled Trig, noticeably plumper since he was first introduced to the world two months ago.

    Why is the mainstream media so sexist toward babies?

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