• Texas Republicans Prove You Can Race-Bait Even When the Candidate Is White

    We've come a long way since the days of Dred Scott, Jim Crow and George Wallace. It used to be that when a black person stuck his nose out (say by running for public office) angry reactionaries would shout him down with race-baiting rhetoric and direct mail campaigns.

    Whereas today they do it to white people as well…

    A mailer paid for by Empower Texas… slams Democrat Joel Redmond [of Pasadena, TX] for having "aligned himself with liberal Democrat party politicians."

    "Birds of a feather flock together," the mailer reads, with pictures of black birds overhead. And then, photos of area minority Democrats: Sen. Mario Gallegos, Rep. Garnet Coleman, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee. Oh, and also Barack Obama (who, last I checked, wasn't a Houston Democrat, so that contradicts any argument they were just using Houston Dems..)

    But Houston Democrats (except Obama) also include Nick Lampson (whose district INCLUDES Pasadena), John Whitmire, Ellen Cohen, Scott Hochberg, and Kevin Bailey.

    All white Democrats. None of whom are on the mailer. Coincidence?

    The mailer, which you can download here, declares that Redmond is "opposed to marriage," "against the war on terrorism," and for "the radical homosexual agenda."

    It also declares that Redmond is a member of the "Democrat Party," the political version of a schoolyard taunt that's typically beneath all but Fox News commentators.

    But most importantly it links Redmond (who is white) to a cadre of minority politicians, all of whom live outside his district.

    And on the topic of people who live outside the district, we might as well include the financier of the mailer, Bob Perry. Yes, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Bob Perry.

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