• John McCain to Be Embarrassed in Montana?

    In the latest sign of John McCain's rapidly disintegrating hopes of winning the presidential campaign, he now finds himself on the ropes in Montana, a large cattle-oriented state that wasn't even remotely in play in the last two elections.

    A poll released by Montana State University shows Barack Obama leading McCain, 44% to 40%. Interestingly, Montana is the only state where Congressman Ron Paul is on the ballot (as the Constitution Party candidate), and he is pulling 4% of the vote in the poll.

    The RNC revealed today that it will be buying advertising in the state in the last week before Election Day.

    The Republican National Committee will begin running television ads in Montana beginning on Wednesday, a sign of how heavily the playing field is tilted against the GOP with just eight days left in the presidential election.

    Montana has been a Republican stronghold for years at the presidential level. President George W. Bush carried it with 59 percent in 2004 and a similar 58 percent four years earlier. It's worth noting, however, that then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton carried Montana when he ran for president in 1992 — thanks to Ross Perot taking 26 percent of the vote.

    Barack Obama has been advertising steadily in Montana for the last few months and, until tonight, John McCain and the RNC seemed content to let the Illinois senator have the airwaves to himself.

    The content of the ads has not been revealed. Look for grainy slow-motion footage of Obama eating arugula while an ominous announcer says, "Barack Obama. Untested, unready, and possibly a vegetarian. Wrong for Montana and wrong for America. Also, I'm pretty sure he's gay."

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