• Wanna Know How You Can Tell That Your Candidate Is Doing Super Good in the Polls?

    He starts robocalling in his own home state!

    John McCain and the Republican National Committee are now running robocalls attacking Obama as weak on terrorism — in McCain's home state of Arizona, according to multiple readers from the state.

    The call signals genuine worry about McCain's home state at a time when several polls show the race to be much closer than expected there.

    Au contraire, mon frere! It means he's a maverick, and you can't tell what a maverick's gonna do, except that you just know it's gonna be something mavericky.

    Like spending valuable money on campaigning in your back yard when your opponent has four times as much in the bank as you, or telling everyone that you've got your opponent right where you want him when you're eight points down in the polls, or putting out an ad that says your opponent is gonna be a good president one day, just not quite yet.

    Hey, who knows what that maverick John McCain will do next. Maybe he'll promise to swallow a live cat for every Pennsylvania swing voter who pulls a lever for him. Maybe he'll bake a cake in the shape of Florida and then have sex with it. Maybe he'll get a full body Barack Obama tattoo and change his name to The Real Barack Obama.


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