• Liddy Dole Runs Distortion Campaign For Christ

    What Biblical scholar could forget Jesus's legendary Sermon on the Mount? You know, the one where he scaled a hill near Galilee, raised his arms and, using metaphors of salt and light, launched an attack ad against State Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC).

    Well Senator Liddy Dole (R-NC) is continuing in her heavenly father's grand tradition by airing a commercial accusing Hagan of "taking Godless money."

    Dole's ad slams Hagan for accepting money that was raised at an ActBlue fundraiser held in Boston at the home of a person who, among other things, is on the advisory board of the Godless Americans PAC.

    Now if that isn't spitting in the eye of Christianity, then Barack Obama is a capitalist. It couldn't have been worse if Hagan had personally shit on a Bible herself.

    Fortunately we have this attack ad from the Book of Liddy 10:29…

    By the way, didn't you like how, at the end of the ad, it clearly sounds like Hagan is the one saying "There is no God"?

    Yeah, well neither did Hagan, a Presbyterian elder. She's now threatening a lawsuit unless Dole pulls the ad.

    So long as she can find a court that will swear her in on an Atheist Bible.

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