• Barack Obama Campaign Now Incinerating Cash in Arizona

    Ever get an e-mail from a Nigerian prince who is so desperate to get rid of his vast fortune that he's willing to literally give it away?

    It turns out that prince was named David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager.

    Plouffe, still sitting on an enormous pile of cash, has decided that rather than dispose of it the traditional way (swing state ads, charitable donations, incineration) is going to use it to buy airtime in Arizona

    Barack Obama's presidential campaign is taking the unprecedented step of launching its first advertising in rival John McCain’s home state of Arizona.

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe announced the advertising buy this morning, saying the campaign also would re-launch advertising in Georgia, where it hasn’t advertised in several months, and start advertising in North Dakota…

    "It's enough in the realm of the possible that we want to put a little extra effort at the end,” he said. “We want to give it a go in the last few days. We wanted to see how far we can go."

    The polls have already shown that McCain is no homecoming king within the state. The reasons are complex but include…

    * He carpetbagged from Virginia on speculation that a House seat was opening up.

    * His entire political career was made possible by his wife's beer money.

    * He's been irritating his neighbors with robocalls.

    * Barry Goldwater couldn't stand him.

    Still, spending ad dollars in the man's home state is quite a gamble by Plouffe. Not as risky as giving a Nigerian internet prince your bank account information, but probably more hubristic.

    Just ask the old David Plouffe — the one who sent all those e-mails asking us for money.

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