• John McCain is a Boy Named "Sue If I Have To"

    Over the weekend McCain campaign manager Rick Davis stopped by "FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace" to chat about the highly unlikely scenario in which John McCain doesn't win this election.

    Obviously, there is nothing — except a few polls and math-type numbers — to suggest an Obama victory. But in the off chance that the election is compromised by voting irregularities, Team McCain is prepared to take the all-American step of suing the bastards

    DAVIS: The reality is, you know, we have every legal remedy that is available to us in the future. [Ed. note: Whoa! Even the intergalactic Q-3900 injunction?] But look. We're going to win this election. We're going to win it outright. And I think on Wednesday morning you'll wake up and John McCain will be president-elect.

    WALLACE: But I just want to make it clear, you reserve the right if you feel that something has gone down wrong in the polls in any state in the country that you'll go to court.

    DAVIS: Oh, absolutely.

    "Something going down wrong in the polls," now, whatever does that mean? It could mean anything! Like electronic voting machines crashing or ACORN Socialists crossing out the candidates' names and writing in Donald Duck for president.

    Or, you know, too many people accidentally not voting for John McCain.

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