• Mainstream Liberal Media Shocked to Learn White Voters Supporting Barack Obama

    In an article entitled "Level of White Support for Obama a Surprise", the New York Times' John Harwood expressed shock yesterday that Barack Obama was receiving some support from white voters. Apparently, their recent polling indicates that certain white Americans have hinted that they may consider voting for Obama, even though he is an admitted African-American.

    Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times went even further in an article printed this morning claiming that some white voters even like the fact that Obama is a member of a racial minority, and have been inspired to vote for him because of it!

    These mainstream newspapers shouldn't be so surprised. After all, we've known for weeks that literally dozens of white people all across the country have announced that they will vote for Obama, including…

    * Joe Biden
    * Howard Dean
    * Rosie O'Donnell
    * Colin Powell
    * Bill Ayers
    * Obama's grandmother
    * Karl Marx

    The rest of the newspaper's investigations were much less surprising. In keeping with the status quo, their polls found that absolutely no senior citizens, veterans, or real Americans planned to vote for Obama.

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