• Delaware Doubles Down on Joe Biden

    Bam-whack! Put two notches on the table for Joe Biden, who appears to have decisively won reelection to his Senate seat in Delaware. That may not seem like such a big deal for the popular 38-term Senator , but it came with a catch this year – the very real possibility that he may never actually sit in that seat again.

    If Barack Obama wins the presidency, Joe Biden becomes vice president . . . and Delaware did its part by hugely voting for the Democrats at the top of the ticket. If Biden resigns his seat, Gov. Ruth Ann Minner gets to appoint his successor. And who knows who that could be??

    Oh yeah, Biden's son.

    Of course he'll soon be serving in Iraq, which establishes an interesting standard to follow.  Specifically, does this mean that if Sarah Palin is elected vice president, they'll call Track back to govern Alaska?

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