• Great News! You No Longer Have To Vote…

    … to get free Starbucks coffee.  Turns out a couple of activist judges huddled in a corner and decided that the powerful chain's free-coffee-for-voters promotion was a violation of the law

    Starbucks, which announced in an ad on "Saturday Night Live" that it would give a free coffee to anyone who came in on Election Day and said, "I voted," has been forced to change its plan.

    Now anyone who wants the free coffee gets it, voter or not.

    It turns out that a giveaway to voters could violate election laws in some states that prohibit gifts for voters.  While these laws are generally intended to discourage attempts to influence voters, the lawyers were worried the Starbucks policy might be a violation.

    In the spirit of the Starbucks announcement, Diebold Election Systems offered their services to make John McCain president without anyone having to actually vote, but that proposal has been declined.

    So far at least.

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