• Fox News: Joe the Plumber's Heart Will Go On

    You wouldn't be a living, breathing, mostly-water human if you weren't wondering what's gonna happen to Joe the Plumber after the election…you know, besides the record deal and the congress run. Well, a certain media outlet has the scoop:

    "I am starting a charity up, it's called 'Secure Our Dream.' It's just about people, neighbors in the community," Wurzelbacher told FOXNews.com.

    But this is also of note:

    But charity isn't Wurzelbacher's sole goal. Sharing the wealth also means helping himself. To that end, he's working with writer Tom Tabback on a book about American values.

    The book will be called "Joe the Plumber — Fighting for the American Dream".

    His income should be heading over the $250,000 mark pretty soon…

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