• McCain Concedes

    11:28 – I feel like I should be all nice and all about McCain just conceding and saying nice things about Obama. But no. Fuck him. He bitched it up by running the nastiest campaign of a generation and ruining my perviously pristine opinion of him.

    It's just like U2. I dislike them way more than I dislike Nickleback. Because I used to respect U2.

    11:27 - McCain supporters are booing the next president. They must hate America.

    11:26 – Sarah Palin doesn't look all so chipper now, does she?

    11:25 – "My friends." He said it. I can relax now.

    11:24 – I don't know, man. He's saying a lot of nice things about a guy who pals around with terrorists. Good thing he didn't win.

    11:23 – Oh, good. McCain won Arizona.

    11:22 – Is it just me, or does McCain look about seven years younger tonight than he did yesterday?

    11:21 – John McCain is on TV now, pretending like he still has honor. Let's see how this goes?

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