• Obama Shoots Hoops Like a Girl that Shoots Hoops Well

    During this election, no one has had their finger on the pulse more than Matt Drudge. Just now he let us know about Obama's upcoming disgusting game of basketball.

    According to the article, Obama would rather play basketball rather than watching election coverage of himself playing basketball like the rest of America. Does he think he's better than us?

    Thousands of supporters were lining up outside the entrance to the event several hours before the gates open at 8:30.

    Meantime, Obama returned from a rally in Indiana to play a pickup game of basketball at a Attack Athletics, a West Side gym. As is is custom before a big election, Obama likes to play ball with Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan.

    Listen, Obama, I know you read this blog, and I'm just telling you, quit it with the basketball. It's just plain insulting that you have traditions and that you like doing things with people you admire and call friends.

    Why aren't you campaigning like McCain? I bet he's going to keep campaigning until the last result comes in proving that the Mac is indeed back. And look at Sarah Palin! She's already started campaigning for 2012!

    Does Obama love basketball more than he loves desperately campaigning at the last minute? Ugh! Un-American!

    Thanks to www.drudgereport.com for providing us with the news.

    Actually, I can't even say that sarcastically. No thanks, Matt Drudge, because you suck.

    I realize everyone's harping on Matt Drudge sucking, but you know what? Every time he does anything, an angel loses his wings crash lands on a basket of puppies. So, I'm just trying to save puppies, okay?

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