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    10:36p: Oprah's quoting the Bible on ABC right now.

    10:19p: Man, William Kristol won't let the Palin thing go. He's got evil, far-reaching plans…

    10:12p: Bring me the head of Michelle Bachman!

    10:03p: Stop calling what McCain has before him a "climb". The people on the Hindenburg didn't face a "climb" when that thing hit the power lines.

    9:57: "Are you watching FOX News? I think they're drunk. I'm not kidding. Listen to Brit Hume."

    9:54p: Boy, Shepard Smith just made the term "strategy room" sound fucking ominous.

    9:52p: I'm pretty much going to keep it on FOX for the rest of the night. Dan Rather shall be a palate-cleanser.

    9:44p: Is anyone watching CNN? It's over. McCain had a chance against Obama,
    but he's no match for MATH.

    9:42: Sorry I haven't posted. I'm letting the scotch dapple my heart.

    9:34p: I can literally hear Fred Barnes' stomach eating itself from tension and defeat.

    9:28p: Ohio for Obama. I'll still be blogging for the next two hours, but…

    …IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!

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