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    8:50p: The fuck is Ted Koppel doing on BBC America? Is he lost?

    8:46p: Who in God's name is the band playing at the Arizona Biltmore?

    My 5 guesses:

    Stiffly and the Bore-tones

    White Heat

    The Co-rock-tomy Bags


    Mike + the Mechanics

    8:42p: Georgia, you're breaking my heart.

    8:37p: BBC America just can't stop showing pics of the Obama rally in Chicago. Maybe they think it's a remake of ZULU.

    8:36p: Why do I feel like Elizabeth Dole is standing on a storm-soaked hillock, swearing at heaven, and waving a war-hammer?

    8:34p: Please baby Jesus, make Saxby Chambliss lose in Georgia. Also, it'd be nice if he could wander onto some train tracks and get T-boned by a commuter express.

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