• Pollster to McCain: You've Won The Invisible, Uncooperative, Racist Vote!

    In a memo released last week, McCain's top pollster Bill McInturff had advised the race was tighter than any imagined. According to McInturff, those who refuse to participate in national polls likely support John McCain. That theory seems supported by from some research conducted by the Pew Research Center over a decade ago…

    In 1997, the Pew Research Center conducted an experiment that found "reluctant respondents significantly less sympathetic than amenable respondents toward African-Americans." Without these hard-to-reach anti-Obamans in the respondent poll, McInturff's thinking went, our national surveys would naturally skew toward the Democrat. But if they show up on Election Day, McCain would get a big–and potentially decisive–boost.

    It's truly heart-warming to think that John McCain could be carried to victory by a band of voters who hate minorities and polls. But will the McCain camp figure out how to reach these American heroes? It's true the senior Senator is not African American, but how do you get people to the polls when they hate being polled?



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