• President-Elect Obama Speaks For the First Time

    12:20 – I hope I never stop feeling like I do now.

    12:17 – Has Joe Biden been hiding?

    12:16 – Well, that didn't suck.

    12:14 – From the comments: "Barrak Obama has won…¬†This is history!!! I wont have to read this in a text book we lived it!" -¬†Gabriel Velez

    12:12 – You know what makes me happier than anything? Thinking about all the assholes out there who feel like I did four years ago.

    12:10 – You know, George W. Bush "beat" Al Gore by 5 EVs. Obama won by 182… so far.

    12:08 – Did we really elect the smart one?

    12:07 – I can't make fun of this. I'm trying, but I can't.

    12:04 – They're getting a puppy. Of course.

    12:03 – Is Joe Biden in his undisclosed location already?

    12:02 – Barack Obama is a lot nicer to McCain and Palin than I would be. Or will be.

    12:01 – Is this when he's gonna pull out the Black Israel stuff?

    12:00 – We are fucking watching history. The biggest history since we all watched 9/11. This is sooooooo much better.

    11:59 – Look at that First Family.

    11:58 - He looks so Changey! Not to mention Hopey.



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