• Steve Schmidt's Final Word on Sarah Palin

    If — I'm just saying if — John McCain loses tonight, how long will it take for the GOP to turn on Sarah Palin, the woman who rose from obscurity to became an international punchline?

    According to Ana Marie Cox's recounting of the last-ever press session aboard the Straight Talk Air, the pitchforks are already on standby. Here's McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt:

    QUESTION: And the pick of Palin for you guys? Are you happy with that?

    SCHMIDT: You know, we'll uh, I'm not going to do, there'll be time for all the post mortems in the race.

    QUESTION: But are you happy with what she's done for the ticket?

    SCHMIDT: I think that, you know, I think we'll know in a few hours what the results are, you know and I, there'll be a time for all the post mortem parts of it.

    Especially the post mortem parts where everybody blames it all on Sarah Palin.

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