• Did Somebody Ask For A Recount?

    Now, we know a lot of you out there in Readerland were disappointed by last night's election. Barack Obama won in a landslide, voting discrepancies were few and far between, and everyone went home with a good feeling– even grumpy old Mr. McCain managed to warm our hearts.

    Well, don't fear, because you're about to get plenty of acrimonious, partisan warfare in Minnesota!

    Incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken appear headed for a certain recount in the razor-thin race, which currently has Coleman leading by just 600 votes out of 2.4 million cast statewide…

    One of the most bitter U.S. Senate races in Minnesota history continued to grind on early this morning, with Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and DFL challenger Al Franken locked in a race that remained too close to call.

    With 98 percent of the returns in, Franken and Coleman were in a virtual tie around 3 a.m. A winning margin of less than one half of 1 percent — now almost certain — would trigger an automatic recount and could delay a result for days while ballots are retabulated across the state.

    By law, the losing candidate can waive a recount, but that seems highly unlikely in this race.

    In anticipation of this next step, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has flashed the much-vaunted Katherine Harris Signal into the sky, summoning the former Florida Secretary of State to the scene.  If there's a recount to be botched, it should be botched by a pro.

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