• The Response from the Real America

    Here's a very conservative, very Christian, very McCain-Palin friend of mine on last night's election results, presented with the very acerbic vitriol that you might expect from one of his kind…

    I am actually more proud to be an American than ever. Not only did the wheels of democracy work once again, allowing the people to speak and express their desire for a change in the country's direction, but we have elected an African American to the highest office in our country when less than 150 years ago, blacks were property in this country.

    Haha! Suck it, friend of mine! You lost! I hope you enjoy spitting that bile all over the place for the next four years. Loser!

    Fortunately, not all Republicans are as hateful and vindictive as my friend there. We do, of course, have the intelligent and thoughtful commentary of conservative professional columnists like NRO's John Derbyshire to help to mend the country's great divide…

    All right, I'm sour. The most liberal member of the U.S. Senate! And that shakedown-artist of a wife, with the permanent frown! And Joe Biden!…

    What won this election was the packaging skills of David Axelrod, the swooning complicity of the media, the ruthless opportunism of Barack Obama, and the unprincipled thuggishness of his supporters… Sour? You bet I'm sour.

    Aaaaahhh… Let the healing begin.

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