• U.S. Senate Purged of African-Americans

    Here's a head-scratcher for you.

    Last night, voters across America widely cast aside past racial differences and voted for an African-American president. Pretty amazing and transcendent, right?

    Well, what if I told you that because of that incredible victory, the voters have ensured that the United States Senate, the greatest deliberative body in the world, will have no African-American members. Zero. Nada.

    See, Barack Obama was not just the only black person running for president. He was the only black person in the entire Senate. And he was just the third black Senator elected in the last century!

    When Obama resigns his seat (which will surely be in the coming weeks, to give his successor a leg up in seniority over other freshman senators), Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will appoint a replacement. Previously, we told you that Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is jockeying hard for the seat. But don't count on the governor to pick him.

    After all, he needs to follow the will of the voters: no black Senators.

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