• What I Have Learned

    Like a lot of people in the country, I suspect, I woke up late, with the most vicious and thrilling hangover of my life. And, like most of those a lot of people in the country, I've been spending most of the day so far in thoughtful consideration of what I witnessed last night. And what it means.

    I decided that it would probably be a good idea to start keeping a list of lessons learned…

    * Democratic voters are considerably less violent and rioty in victory than Philadelphia Phillies fans.

    * I am capable of feeling sympathy for Sarah Palin. Almost.

    * If you're gonna stay up till 4 am imbibing Hope by the pint glass, it might be a good idea to consider drinking a glass of water before going to bed. And maybe an Advil.

    * A poorly-written article about Michelle Obama's keen sense of style in the New York Post has the power to bring me to tears in a crowded subway car.

    * We actually can, apparently.

    And here's my list, so far, of brand new questions…

    * What am I gonna obsess over from now on?

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