• What Do Brit Hume and I Have in Common?

    We're both leaving our respect jobs now that the election is over. Sure he's the Washington D.C. Managing Editor and an Anchor at the #1 cable news network, and I'm just a middle management guy who runs a couple websites for an entertainment network.

    For the past year and a half, I have had the honor of working with a team of incredibly talented writers, designers, programmers, marketing geniuses, producers, and all of the other multitudes of titles that exist in a gigantic media conglomerate such as ours that are probably meaningless to most of you. But believe me. They were all amazing.

    Starting next Wednesday, I'll be heading over to another gigantic media conglomerate to run another politics blog, so I hope some of you check it out from time to time. Though it is not a comedy blog, I hope to inject a little of the fun spirit that we've had here at Comedy Central.

    As Brit Hume said on his way out

    he's lost his enthusiasm because of "this poisonous atmosphere in Washington over the last 14 or 15 years."

    I'm hoping that our work here at Indecision2008.com has helped dilute some of that poison, and I'm sure Brit feels the same about his work over at Fox News.

    Either way, I hope to bring a little of that antidote over to that other corporation in the coming months.

    Besides the fact that both Brit and I are leaving our jobs, here are some other things that we share in common…

    Neither of us have beards – Actually, this would have gone without saying except that I decided to post a picture of myself with a beard from back in February when we were running our Great Lincoln's Beard Challenge of Aught-Eight.

    We both grew up in Washington D.C. - Which I'm sure has a little something to do with our choices of inside-the-beltway careers. Of course he went to the evil St. Albans, while I went to the heroic Sidwell Friends School.

    We have both contributed to Harpers - Of course, Brit contributed actual content, while I have only contributed money. And by "contributed" I actually mean, I have purchased the publication.

    We both made major life changes in 1996 – Brit joined Fox News, and I went to college.

    We are both snotty and condescending to those we disagree with - Especially that whiny Juan Williams guy. I mean, I'd never say it to his face like Brit does, but yeah.

    We have both been involved in creative endeavors we'd probably like to forget – Since I'm writing this list, I'm not going to tell you what mine was, but I'm guessing Brit is none to proud of Brit Hume's Survival Guide to MS Windows 95.

    Neither of us have ever appeared on The Daily ShowAlso, I don't know Jon Stewart, I can't get you tickets, and I can't get your friend who wrote a really cool book a spot on the show, so PLEASE STOP ASKING.

    The CIA has spied on both of us – Back in the 70's, Hume was placed under surveillance due to some reporting he did with Jack Anderson on the Nixon administration. Hume was codenamed "Eggnog" by the CIA. I can't prove that the CIA is spying on me, but I'm pretty convinced they are. I hope my codename is something cool like "The Joker."

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