• Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's Secret Service Code Names Suggest They Might Be Cool After All

    A new president-elect has a lot on his plate. There's the transitionin' o'the power, the measurin' o'the drapes and, most importantly, the leakin' o'the Secret Service code names to the MSNBC.

    The new First Family has been issued code names by the Secret Service. Barack Obama's is "Renegade."

    Terrible call! You can't give the new most awesome guy in the whole world the most awesome code name in the whole world. His enemies are gonna know exactly who you're talking about! "Sir, we've received word that 'Renegade' is on his way." "That's Obama, duh. Hand me the pulse cannon. I swear, if I weren't a hypothetical person with such poorly hashed out hatred for the man, I would make love to him in a second."

    Michelle Obama's is "Renaissance."

    Terrible call! That is also an awesome name. Come on, Obama! Some of us wish we had bad ass code names, but have to make do with "Skippy" or "Tentpole Lube." When are you gonna get serious about spreading the wealth around?

    Joe and Jill Biden also received code names, though it's tough to top "Renegade" and "Renaissance."


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