• McDonald's Isn't Lovin' a National Holiday for Barack Obama

    Meanwhile, out in Topeka, a lone patriot named Sonny Scroggins has been trying to organize a national holiday to commemorate Barack Obama's election. Sonny Scroggins is just the man for this job.

    Scroggins, who is known for his sometimes quixotic crusades against social injustice, said voting results last week were among the "most profound things that have ever happened to humankind."

    "I got Jesus, I got the Internet, and now I got Nov. 4, 2008," he said.

    What to call this day, November 4, when Barack Obama was elected? Elected Day? Day of Electing? Changemas? Oh, I don't know.

    Unfortunately for Sonny, a lot of people want to interview him about his idea, but he's having trouble finding anyone who wants to help turn the dream into reality. Even worse, the owner of his office space is all, No You Can't…

    Scroggins hit another roadblock when the downtown McDonald's, long his staging ground, heard about his upcoming planning sessions.

    "You absolutely do not have permission to do any kind of Obama planning," owner Karen Tyler said in a voice mail left on Scroggins' phone and played for The Capital-Journal.

    Scroggins said he has held court at the fast-food joint for years with no problems and wasn't sure why he was being kicked out now.

    Well, Sonny, if Barack Obama Day is thwarted, perhaps the Topeka McDonald's would be more supportive of a national God's Son and the Internet Day.

    Which, if you think about it, is pretty close.

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