• The GOP is Open to Suggestions

    After taking losses up and down tickets across the land, the GOP has realized it needs fresh ideas and a new direction. So, Republican leaders have turned to this internetmabob to solicit opinions about their party. That internetmabob worked so well for Barack Obama, what could possibly go wrong?

    Let's start with this feedback forum at RebuildTheParty.com. You can type in anything you like; go ahead, try it. For one brief shining moment the Real Americans over at Wonkette held the top of the list with "truck nutz for all," but this morning their suggestion was scrubbed from the site. (Nanny state?)

    Anyway, there are still plenty of Rebuild the Party ideas for the GOP to choose from, including "Run inspiring candidates," "Reach out to Ron Paul," "Ignore Ron Paul," "The Constitution is a worthless queermo, maybe get rid of it," "Eat shit and die."


    Moving on, here's the RNC's official suggestion box, which they're calling Republican for a Reason.

    Among the, um, reasons: "John McCain put me to sleep with his speeches," "Kick Giuliani out of the party," "States will be seceding in response to Obama. Support that and gain strength in the new Conservative Soveriegn [sic] States." There's also at least one call for Elizabeth Hasselbeck to become press secretary in a 2012 Sarah Palin administration.

    Here is a suggestion for the GOP: Please, please keep your feedback websites running forever, so that even when the last pillars of our economy collapse and we are left to barter rocks for edible leaves, we will still have something that makes us laugh.

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