• Iran Changes Mind on Negotiations For Some Reason Just This Past Week

    Not sure what to make of this.

    Suddenly, it's Iran — not the the U.S. — who's refusing to enter into negotiations without preconditions

    In recent interviews, advisers to [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad said the new U.S. administration would have to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, show respect for Iran's system of rule by a supreme religious leader, and withdraw its objections to Iran's nuclear program before it can enter into negotiations with the Iranian government.

    "The U.S. must prove that their policies have changed and are now based upon respecting the rights of the Iranian nation and mutual respect," said Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi, the president's closest adviser.

    What a puzzling turn of events. Why, it makes absolutely no sense at all, especially coming from such a logical country like Iran. I wonder what brought about this sudden 180-degree change of opinion on the matter…

    "People who put on a mask of friendship, but with the objective of betrayal, and who enter from the angle of negotiations without preconditions, are more dangerous," Hossein Taeb, deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, said Wednesday, according to the semiofficial Mehr News Agency.

    Whomever could he be talking about?

    Well, one way or another, I'm sure we'll be able to work out something with them. I mean, they must want a peaceful relationship with the U.S. as much as we want one with them, right?

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