• MoveOn.org Needs to MoveOn.org Already

    A while back I signed up to www.moveon.org's email list, not because I supported them, but because they were offering a free Barack Obama trinket of some sort. I had gotten so used to their constant emails to host this or donate that, I almost didn't realize, THEY WERE STILL DOING THIS!

    [W]e've been hearing the same clear message from millions of MoveOn members: Don't stop now.

    Yes, please don't stop now annoying everyone with your campaigning. It's still important that you host gatherings to talk about NOTHING!

    So next Thursday (11/20), we're organizing "Fired Up and Ready to Go" gatherings throughout the country.

    By the way, I didn't bold any of the quotes. Whoever wrote this email is in love with the bold option button. I bet they are lobbying right now to make marriage between a man and a bold option button legal.

    We'll brainstorm other ways we can work together locally to take advantage of this new opportunity for progressive change…

    Moveon.org, can you step into my office for a minute. It's come to my attention that you haven't come to grips with the election's end. I know this is hard for you. I mean, people didn't even take you seriously when it was going on, and now that it's over–

    Obama supporters near you still need somewhere to meet up on Thursday. Can you host a gathering in West Hempstead?

    You're not listening, MoveOn.org! Please take your fingers out of your ears and stop trying to get me to donate. You know what. It's over. I'm deleting my email address, requesting a new cellphone number, and changing the locks on the door. I hope you get the help you need, MoveOn.org. I really do.

    This entire thing is in no way ridiculously ripe enough to be parodied.

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