• From the Writers of The Daily Show – Sarah Palin

    The Daily Show writers speculate on what Sarah Palin has been up to since her return to Alaska…

    * Spending a week frozen in a block of ice

    * Backpacking around what she's pretty sure is europe

    * Reading "all of them"

    * Making a fortune placing tiny classified ads

    * Mapping the moose genome

    * Taking twice daily calls from president Sarkozy

    * She's going to Disneyworld, which she "does" know is a continent

    * Wife swapping with a family that believes in evolution

    * Disorganizing communities

    * Keeping an eye on Russia, you can be sure

    * Pitching her reality show "Real housewife of Moosejaw County"

    * Trying to get a coffee stain out of a $5,000 pantsuit

    * Building doomsday machine

    * Working on baby #6

    * Seducing Levi

    * Catching salmon in mouth

    * Warming herself by local bookfire

    * Drilling, baby, drilling

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