• Noun + Verb + 9/11 = New York Governor?

    Remember Rudy Giuliani, America's Mayor, who was crushed in the GOP Presidential primaries? (Though "crushed" is really an insult to crushed items.)

    Rudy is contemplating a run for New York's governor. Based on recent trends — NY went for Obama by 26 points — the state looks like it's ready to turn rightward.

    Rudy's also keen on keeping options open for the Presidency…

    Giuliani also wouldn't rule out the possibility of making a second run for the presidency. "No one knows whether you'll do something again until you come to the point of: 'Is it possible to do it again? Would you have a chance of winning?'" he said. "I mean, those are just things you can't evaluate right now."

    Since he only blew through $59 million for his one delegate, he could easily break that record in 2012. Because in 4 years, Republicans will be ready for a pro-choice cross dresser, who, according to Ed Koch, "looks like he'd kill an old woman in a wheel chair."

    I'm hopeful that Rudy runs for something, since it makes my job easier, but there are problems with the longevity of his campaigns.

    Given Rudy's track record when he ran against Hillary for the Senate, not to mention his super awesome "We'll win it all in Florida" performance in the GOP primaries, my guess is that he'll announce at a press conference that he's running for governor, then issue a press release five minutes later to confirm that he's dropping out.

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