• Are Republicans Losing the Stupid Vote?

    Frank J., of IMAO — a conservative website that manages to difficult task of trumpeting conservative ideas while maintaining a not-lame sense of humor — understands that no candidate can win the presidency without appealing to a large chunk of the coveted stupid people voting bloc.

    As evidence, he points to a loyal Republican who voted against his party this time around because of "Republican social issues"…

    The thing is, social issues were less a focus this presidential election than all those previous, so that can't be the real explanation. Much more likely is this guy just suddenly became retarded for no reasons and started hallucinating social conservatives chasing after him. That goes with the theory this is just a retarded election cycle from which no larger trend will emerge.

    And, anyway, what can the Republicans do to appeal to retarded, hallucinating voters?

    Good question.

    What have they been doing for the past couple decades?

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